Help me find my way to the Olympics!

Hello, I'm Billy.
I want to be an Olympic champion.

#BillyToRio #Rio2016

One day I was walking alone in the countryside – I had to figure what to do with my life – when all of a sudden, the sky got dark and lightning struck my mane!

Next thing I know, I'm seeing a colourful shape up there in the sky:

A freaking rainbow shaped like Olympic rings!

Dude! You should have been there, it was so epic! It was like written in the sky, right in front of my face.
So that was it, I had to go to the Olympics and win a medal!

See my latest attempt!

Well, I still have some work to do...
I need your advice

In case you missed it, take a look at my story,

It's quite unreal!

There is more where it comes from